Triple P-Positive Parenting Program

Triple P Parenting suggests simple routines and small changes that can make a big difference to your family. It helps you understand the way your family works and uses the things you already say, think, feel and do in new ways that:

  • Create a stable, supportive and harmonious family
  • Encourage behavior you like
  • Deal positively, consistently and decisively with problem behavior
  • Build positive relationships with your children, so that conflict can be resolved
  • Plan ahead to avoid or manage potentially difficult situations
  • Take care of yourself as a parent

While Triple P is almost always successful in improving child behavior problems, more than half its emphasis is on developing positive attitudes, skills and behavior. This helps prevent problems arising and fosters family relationships that encourage children to realize their full potential. Triple P has been developed and scientifically proven over 25 years by The University of Queensland Parent and Family Support Centre, with international collaboration. Once you’ve done Triple P, you’ll be amazed at how much more enjoyable family life can be.

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