Holly Hooton, LMFT

HollyHolly worked as a volunteer in a medical center, humane society and adult literacy program before later returning to college to pursue a career in counseling. Her desire to become a therapist developed over time through insight in her own life, such as growing up in a blended family, struggling with loss and depression herself and having parents that struggled with addiction. Having gone through therapy herself, Holly  declares that she understands how scary therapy can be, but “the benefits are that counseling often leads to better relationships, solutions to specific problems, and significant reductions in feelings of distress.” Holly works with children ages 3 and up, adolescents and adults. Her focus is cognitive behavioral therapy, but she is uses the post-modern school of thought. Meaning that you are the expert on yourself, and you have the answers you seek, Holly is simply the coach to guide you on your path.