The Importance of Counseling

We go wild for our favorite baseball teams in today’s society, and why not? Many people have endearing thoughts about their favorite team, support them, defend them from criticism, and have happy memories of the sport. Similarly, counseling is a way to promote your team. Team Y.O.U. That’s right. You are the only Y.O.U. on your life team. You go with yourself everywhere and need lots of cheering on too. Because you live with yourself, encouraging yourself may be even more beneficial than doing so for your favorite sports team. The rewards can be endless.

Author: Dara Fields, APCC
Family Dynamics Resource Center
Associate Professional Clinical Counselor (APCC)

A successful athlete will also have a coach helping them improve. What do you do when you get stuck in the game of life? A helping relationship can help you succeed. Usually, a coach is required when you want to get better at something. You find someone who knows more than you do in that particular area.

Find Your Mental Health Coach

Similarly, mental health counselors are professionals who help you become emotionally and relationally healthier. You can process past and current games (i.e., relationships, personal issues, performance, etc.) and prepare for upcoming games –  I wonder what those will be? Often people will seek out mental health counselors when they are struggling with mental health problems, relationship problems, trauma, or other issues causing emotional turbulence. The goal is to get support so you can hit your “home runs” in life.

If you are struggling in life,  I hope you will find a mental health counselor. Don’t try to do life alone, particularly when it gets challenging. Come and talk to one of us. We will be on your side and cheering you on to a happy, balanced, and loved self. You can contact us now. Click here.